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Welcome to NEM Coaching.

We facilitate personal and professional growth for senior teams by supporting and challenging them to be more effective, resulting in improved team cohesion, trust, performance and value creation for their clients and stakeholders.

Our approach sees personal growth as the precursor to professional growth. We encourage our clients to hold up the mirror and reflect deeply on themselves, to grow their self awareness, so that they improve their performance as an individual, a team member and as a leader, realising more of their potential.

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Bespoke Team Development In Surrey







Executive 1-1 Coaching

In addition to specialising in team development, we offer 1-1 Executive coaching.

We help clients attain the outcomes they are looking for but are unsure how to reach by supporting them to assess where they are, consider where they would like to be and and building a plan to get there.


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Leadership Team Coaching

Owing to our years of experience in this specialist field, we have turned the art of team transformation into a science.

In helping team members to see the bigger picture, understand their peers and realise collective goals everybody can work towards, we help teams become more than the sum of their parts. 


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Leadership Development Coaching

We believe there is always more for each of us to learn and we encourage leaders to adopt mindsets of continuous improvement and learning agility as they go through our evidence based leadership development programs.

We know that people learn best in groups and teams and we encourage clients wherever possible to take a cohort approach to our leadership development programs.


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The NEM Coaching Values


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Trust and Integrity

We appreciate that our clients put a lot of faith in us when they choose our leadership team development in Surrey. You are trusting us to support your personal and professional transformation, so we pride ourselves on providing you with a safe and confidential space for exploration and growth.


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Learning and Experience 

Our founder and head coach, Nathalie, draws on a wealth of experience when coaching and designing programs for our clients, from 20+ years of leadership experience, a background in leadership development and organisational change, a Bachelor's degree in psychology, extensive coaching training drawing from diverse fields from Transactional Analysis through to Neuroscience, Thinking Environments, Neurolinguistic Programming and multiple psychometric tools.

All the team at NEM coaching have extensive training and experience of executive coaching, leadership coaching and evidence based leadership development. 


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Honesty and Transparency

We prioritise building trust and meaningful connections, offering a refreshing approach to leadership coaching that values honesty above all else. With us, you'll embark on a transformative journey that encourages openness and inspires personal ownership, accountability and regular reflection on learning and progress. 


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Customised Solutions

Our approach strikes a balance between bespoke and proven. Each one of our services follows a step-by-step process yet with plenty of room for customisation to suit your particular situation.




Introducing Nathalie, our head coach

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Hi, I'm Nathalie.

I believe my role as a coach, team coach and leadership development specialist is to support and challenge individuals to really think for themselves and achieve a shift in mindset that enables them to realise the agency they have over their professional and personal lives. From here, choices are revealed, powerful self insight and learning
takes place and meaningful actions are committed to.



My particular areas of expertise include:

  • Coaching intact senior teams to improve their performance
  • Increasing self-awareness & personal impact 
  • Leading with authenticity & integrity

  • Rediscovering lost confidence and personal purpose 
  • Managing difficult relationships & situations
  • Managing self and others through Change
  • Building Resilience 



Alongside the 'day job'  I am an active member of the UK chapter of the International Coaching Federation, and frequently organise and host webinars on their behalf to upskill team coaches.

Find our more and my team at NEM Coaching here. 

Our Team


In addition to the privilege of working 1:1 with clients, as a leadership team coach I love working with teams to unleash more of their collective potential, through being more human with each other, raising their levels of self-awareness as a team, aligning behind a unifying purpose and having clear goals and measures of success.

Our opportunities to learn are magnified in team and group contexts and this means the potential for personal growth is even greater. The lightbulbs of understanding and insight and the shifts that people make through this work, is the biggest privilege to support and to observe. Add to this that the more self-aware individuals and teams are, the more their performance improves, and it's no wonder I find this work deeply satisfying and rewarding.




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Why choose NEM Coaching


We help clients identify their problems 

We provide our clients with an impartial, non-judgemental space where they can work their way towards clarity over their goals and build options and commitment as to how they can achieve them.


We specialise in team coaching

Team coaching is different to 1-1 coaching. The fact we have a wealth of experience and professional training in both realms means we can apply the correct tools in each situation and client, instead of trying to apply individual coaching methods to entire teams or vice versa.

We are accredited with the International Coaching Federation

We are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of coaching practice, coupled with a relentless pursuit of personal and professional growth, as per the principles of the International Coaching Federation.






We're here to build trusting relationships, facilitate growth and accelerate success.

You can book an initial consultation call with one of our coaches through our Calendly, to find out if our coaching would be right for you, your team or your business.

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